Top 10 reasons for participating in the Summer Intensives!

1. Skill Building: No matter which course you choose, you will expand your skill set.

2. New York City: There’s no better place to grow your journalism skills than the media capital of the world.

3. Our Faculty: Summer Intensive courses are led by our faculty members who are top experts in their fields.

4. Networking Opportunities: You meet a range of media professionals through guest speakers, newsroom visits and class assignments.

5. Boost Your Confidence: The Summer Intensives will challenge you to improve your writing, your use of technology and your public speaking skills.

6. Add to Your Resume: Completing the Summer Intensive class means that you earn a certificate from the CUNY J School.

7. Our Technology: Our School is outfitted with everything you need to edit audio and video and create dynamic projects.

8. Your Colleagues: The Summer Intensive classes are composed of people from all over the world. You’ll share the classroom with a diverse group of people.

9. The Places You’ll Go: You’ll spend some time learning in the classroom but you’ll also be out in New York City – visiting organizations, exploring neighborhoods, talking to people.

10. Great value: This rich, two-week experience costs only $2000 – or $2,900 with housing at one of our CUNY campuses in Manhattan.

Here’s what last year’s students said:


“I made many good friends and I learned more in the two weeks I was in the program than anywhere else.”

“I wanted to challenge myself and the course did that because it was very fast-paced like a real newsroom.”

“I was one of the best experiences of my life. The professors taught me a completely new perspective on making journalism.”