NYC: New York City Reporting and Writing Intensive

Learn what it takes to cover a beat in New York City

Monday, July 2 – Friday, July 13
Cost: $1,999

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Sharpen your reporting and writing skills by focusing on a New York City beat. In this two-week course you will choose to focus on a particular community in New York – either a specific neighborhood or a segment of the population. With the diversity of people and neighborhoods in NYC, you will have the chance to delve deeply into a community to uncover untold stories.

During the two-week course you will:

  • Identify a beat and learn the techniques involved with understanding and fostering a relationship with community members within that beat
  • Identify story ideas from research, interviews and analysis of the beat
  • Learn to pitch stories and potential story ideas
  • Master writing in terms of structure, grammar and color
  • Learn to find and use data to enhance your storytelling
  • Get tips on maximizing your mobile phone in your reporting
  • Put social media to work for engaging your audience
  • Improve presentation skills by practicing pitching stories and showcasing your final project
  • Hear from guest speakers from a variety of media organizations producing local stories
  • Visit newsrooms and media organizations in New York City

Day-by-day activities in this intensive are subject to change.

New York Beats We will have a discussion on developing a beat and uncovering stories within the community. You and your classmates will go out and collect a “Humans of New York”-type project. This exercise will acclimate you to getting quotes and photos.
Slice of Life Stories You will develop story ideas, learn vital interview techniques and plan a “slice of life” story. You will spend an afternoon exploring your community with staff as your guide. After, you will write a detailed description of your beat.
Story Elements Lede, nut graf, kicker…we will go over the elements that make up a news story. You will get a lesson in finding sources and conducting research. You will write a reporting plan.
Reporting Time You’ll spend a morning going to your community beat to collect information based on your reporting plan.
Art of Writing We will review your news stories and use this as a discussion of English grammar. We will look at using data to enhance news stories.
Continuing the Investigation To complete your story, you’ll return to your beat to further develop and gather information for your story. 
Multimedia Stories We will take a day to learn to take advantage of smartphones to capture and edit multimedia stories. We will lead you in digital reporting exercises.
Color and Structure We will take your writing to a higher level by adding color to your stories. You will visit your community beat to capture audio and video to compliment your written story.
Social Media Once you have a story, it has to be seen. One day will be dedicated to audience engagement, distribution and self-branding.
Presentations You will unveil your news story by presenting it to your classmates, invite members of your community beat and other journalists. You will also receive your certificate of completion!