INNOVATION: Entrepreneurial Journalism Intensive

Technology is changing how we consume and produce media. How do we make journalism sustainable in the future?

Matt MacVey, Summer Intensives 2016


This two-week course in entrepreneurial journalism is designed to show you new directions in media businesses and new approaches to making money. During the course you will:

During the two-week course you will:

  • Examine the massive impact of mobile distribution, multimedia content curation, social media, curation and aggregation and other major forces of change
  • Scrutinize the wide range of new media organizations that are leading the way in innovative business models
  • Hear from guest speakers from a variety of media organizations that are leading the way in innovation
  • Visit newsrooms and media organizations that are at the forefront of new media distribution models
  • Experiment with virtual reality and other emerging technologies

The Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY is the place to study entrepreneurial journalism practices – it is home to the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, a leader in education and research about the business, design and innovation practices of news startups and legacy media organizations.

Day-by-day activities for this intensive are subject to change.

Entrepreneurial Journalism Overview You will get an overview of the world of entrepreneurial journalism.
Monetizing Audiences You will learn about launching new media businesses and the challenges associated with gaining a following and making money from the audience.
Monetizing Technologies You will learn about implementing new media technologies and best practices for generating money from them.
Financing Quality Journalism You will be introduced to alternative models of financing quality journalism.
Creating a Viable Product We will examine frameworks for mapping out how a news organization can work as a business. We will look at new product development for news organizations by putting together a minimum viable product and start building an audience.
Social Media and Other Technologies We will focus on learning the various new tools used to engage audiences and distribute media in new ways. You will experiment with new apps, equipment and other technologies. 
Crowdfunding and Other Case Studies You will get an understanding of specific models of attracting investment in new media ventures. Additionally, we will look at other case studies in new media businesses.
Hyperlocal News and Other Models You will learn about trends in hyperlocal news delivery and we will have a photography workshop. 
Awarding Certificates You will earn a certificate of completion and review a synopsis of various business models that will shape the future of journalism.