Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Summer Intensives program open to anyone? 

Summer Intensives are open to any person, 18 or older, who shows interest in learning more about and increasing their skill sets in journalism. Past participants have included undergraduate and graduate students studying communications, media and other related fields, as well as seasoned journalists, media professionals and educators. Participants have come from across the United States and from countries throughout the world. 
 What do I need to do to apply for the Summer Intensives program? 
Step 1 – Read the class descriptions and decide which class(es) you are most interested in. Also decide if you are interested in CUNY campus housing.

Step 2 – Complete the application. (Each class has a limit of 20 participants.) After you have completed the application, you should expect a response within 5 business days.

Step 3 – If your application has been accepted, you will receive an invitation via e-mail which will include a link to pay an initial deposit to secure your seat. Your seat is only secured once your deposit(s) have been made. 

Will I receive undergraduate or graduate credits for participating in the program? 

No. This is a non-academic program that does not result in any earned credit hours, nor does it result in a degree, nor guarantees admission into any degree program. 

Is there a deadline to apply? 

No. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Once a class is filled, you will be unable to select it in the application. 

Is there a wait list? 

Yes. A class may reopen slots after deposit deadlines have passed. If a class you are interested in is no longer available via the application, please send an e-mail to be added to the wait list. 

Can I take more than one class? 

We welcome participants to take more than one intensive, however you are restricted to one class per session. All classes during session one (July 2 – 13) run concurrently. All sessions during session two (July 16 – 27) run concurrently. 

What is the day/time commitment for each class? 

Anticipate classes will be held on consecutive week days with average start times of 9 am and average end times of 4 pm. There are no classes on the weekends. 

What is the cost for each class? 

Each two-week Summer Intensive classes is $1,999. A $50 refundable deposit, which will be applied to your balance, will be requested within 14 days of the acceptance of your application. (An additional $50 refundable deposit is required for those requesting campus housing.) A second refundable installment of $500 will be requested by March 2, 2018 which will also go toward your balance. The final balance will be due by June 1, 2018. For all applications submitted after June 1, 2018, we will offer a modified payment plan based on time of registration and total. 

Are deposits refundable? 

All deposits are refundable through May 31, 2018. Beginning June 1, 2018, all payments are 100% non-refundable. 

Is there financial aid or scholarships available? 

Financial aid and scholarships are not available for this program. 

English is not my first language. Do I need to submit a TOEFL score or other test?

We do not explicitly require the TOEFL or any other exam. Many of our students are people for whom English is not the first language but who are able to follow in class, absorb the material and participate in all activities. We generally leave it up to the student to decide whether their proficiency level is sufficient for a college-level class. In some cases, we will request a telephone interview or additional proof of English proficiency. 

I am a foreign student. Do I need to apply for a visa to participate?

Since this is a short course, you will not need a student or exchange visitor visa. We will provide you with a letter of invitation which will help you to obtain a B1/B2 visitor visa if need be. 

Is lodging included in the cost of the workshops? 

No. Lodging is not included in the cost of the workshops.  

What are my options for lodging? 

CUNY campus housing is located at our sister campus, The City College at the City University of New York, approximately 2 express train stops from the CUNY J School campus. Space is limited. Read more about campus housing here

Are meals included? 

We provide a welcome breakfast for all registrants on the first day of the workshop. All workshops will have one lunchtime presentation where lunch is provided. All other meals are the responsibility of the registrant. 

I have other questions. Whom can I contact?  

If you have other questions, please send us a message