SKILLS: Digital Journalism Skills Intensive


In just two weeks you will learn the digital skills you need to tell your stories online

Starts on July 24 and ends on August 4
Cost: $2,000

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Jere Hester will lead the SKILLS Summer Intensives

Today’s journalists need to use the latest technology; They need to tell stories across multiple platforms and reach diverse audiences. Whether you are a seasoned journalist or a college student, you will walk away from this two-week course knowing how to use your smartphone to report on the streets of New York, how to enrich your reporting with visual elements and how to edit and distribute digital media that gets noticed online.

During the two weeks you will:

  • Learn to stay ahead of the game with the new media landscape
  • Maximize your smartphone by learning to capture high-quality photos and videos
  • Confidently approach people to get stories from real New Yorkers
  • Harness the power of social media to report, package and promote your content
  • Collaborate with students from all over the world on reporting projects
  • Visit major media outlets to see firsthand how they distribute digital media

Day-by-day activities in this intensive are subject to change

Day 1: New York Reporting
We will go over everything you need to know about reporting in New York City.
You’ll have your first outdoor reporting exercise – interviewing, photographing, editing and posting your work.
Day 2: Photojournalism
The day will start with a discussion of demands and opportunities for photojournalists.
You will learn photographic techniques with smartphones followed by an outdoor photo shoot.
Day 3: Audio for the Web
We will go over effective interview techniques and how to capture audio on your smartphone. You’ll practice with an outdoor interview project. The day will end with instruction on audio editing.
Day 4: Storytelling Our instructors will help you come up with a story idea so that you can put your new audio, photo and reporting skills into practice.You will edit a short news clip before the weekend begins!
Day 5: Social Media Learn to use social media to find news stories, engage the public, brand yourself and distribute stories. Spend the afternoon visiting a major news organization to meet with reporters who use these same reporting techniques.
Day 6: Video After an overview of video storytelling in all of its forms, you’ll learn how to use your smartphone for capturing and editing videos. You’ll create a sample video and use it to learn editing techniques.
Day 7: Editorial Process As a group, we will formulate a final “vox pop” project. You’ll learn more advanced interview techniques and will go out to begin collecting information.
Day 8: Production As a group, we will put together the “vox pop” project, threading together interviews, photos and videos captured the day before. Lunch will be provided as we receive a guest speaker.
Day 9: Live Reporting You will go to the streets for a live reporting project. We will visit another media organization for a tour and meeting with reporters.
Day 10: Final Edits You will spend the day finalizing edits on your videos, audio clips and short stories. All work will be put on display on a class website. You’ll also get your certificate of completion!